Asker residents raised and educated in Norway were all accustomed to regular church services from childhood. There were not many settlers in the community in 1900, but Reverend Wik, from Wetaskiwin, was sent by the Head Church to this NorthWest Territorial Mission to serve the pioneers. He held services at the home of Mr. & Mrs. E.A. Krefting. As well, there were services at intervals during the summers by various Presbyterian student preachers. The teachers held Sunday School with the assistance of the older school students through the summers. In 1905 there was a resident Pastor in Wetaskiwin who made the trip out every month. In the month of July 1905, Reverend Satre organized Asker Evangelical Lutheran congregation at the home of a pioneer settler, O.C. Ravnsborg. The work of the Church has been carried on since. Poor roads made the Pastor's drive from Wetaskiwin difficult, but services, wedding and funerals and matters of importance always took place.

The school house was used until 1915 when the church was built. The church was completed and furnished for use in autumn of 1915. The pioneer women having organized in 1902, played an important part in church, and their funds were the main sum for church construction. The Junior Girls' group provided funds for a large part of the furnishings. The church has been the hub of the community ever since.

At first all church services were held in the Norwegian language, then after a time this changed to alternate Sundays. Eventually, about 1930, because it was felt that there were too many younger people who could not understand the Norwegian languarge very well, all services were held in English. 

Based on an except written by Hildur (Wettre) Krefting from "Mecca Glen Memories