Sunday 19 July 2015

Week One on my Whimsical Summer Adventure

So my first week I got to hang out with P. Ted. This is how it went ...

On Monday, we worked on his motorcycle, but no such luck fixing the fuel leak. I don't think P. Ted took any of my advice.

On Tuesday, we discussed the author Walter Bruegemann and the book P. Ted is reading about words of faith.

On Wednesday, we went to visit some special people, and played a few cribbage games. Again, I don't think P. Ted took my advice because he lost both games.

On Friday, we got to pay some visits to some more special people at the hospital. I like seeing the smiles. After visiting ... I was in for a special treat as we went to the Edmonton Jazz Festival!

On Saturday, P. Ted finally let me play his guitar. Yay! P. Ted needed to use the pressure washer to clean the deck, but he wouldn't let me use it. I really wasn't going to spray him. :)

On Sunday, I was back at Asker ready to join another family ...

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